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Upgrade the potential of your building

Simplicity - Witco


Quick to deploy. Our software is intuitive and you are guided step by step.
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A flexible solution that adapts to your changing needs.
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Make life at work easier in your building by synchronising your tools and services in one place.

A better use of space.​
An enhanced productivity.​
A redesigned experience.

Book anything you need in just 3 clicks.


Booking a desk or a meeting room according to the equipment available (screen, printer, projector), synchronising the reservation with the calendar and inviting whoever one wants, is now possible in 3 clicks.

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Optimize your use of space efficiently.


Get real-time data on resource usage, space occupancy and attendance. This data allows you to optimise the use of your square footage, and anticipate future office space needs.

Data & analytics on usage and satisfaction
Upgrade your tenants’ experience with lifestyle services.


Welcome your tenants’ employees to a place designed to make their work lives easier: concierge services, office parcel delivery, wellness care, mobility (ride-sharing, car maintenance, taxi reservation), and parking.

Services Lifestyle
Incident management made efficient and transparent.


Everyone can report an incident (printer out of service, broken chair, etc.) and evaluate the quality of resolution by rating it. ​

You can manage the reported incidents by assigning a technician, requesting a quote and monitoring its resolution status.​

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The toolbox for strengthening social connections at the building.


Enable your tenants to bring their corporate culture to life with a tool in the palm of their employees’ hands. Internal communication, team building events, company news on the newsfeed, access to perks on the marketplace, forum, classified ads…

Give a smooth welcome to your tenants’ employees and guests.


Simplify contactless access control and spare your tenants’ employees the pain of forgotten or lost badges. Automate guest reception for a seamless visit: notifications to all stakeholders, access authorization to the office and meeting rooms, parking space allocation, and sharing of important documents with the guest ahead of time.

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