Tour Pacific & Witco

The Pacific Tower, formerly called Japan Tower, is an emblematic figure of La Défense. Its semi-circular shape has housed thousands of employees since the mid-1990s.
In recent years, major renovations have transformed the Pacific Tower into a modern and functional “smartbuilding”. Today, CA Technologies, McAfee, Whirlpool and Accenture are among the companies present in this multi-tenant building.

Anxious to offer the best experience to their occupants, the owners and managers of the Pacific tower were looking for a digital solution to match the services offered. They chose Witco to simplify the life of the employees present on the site and make the day-to-day management of the building better. 

Type of property
Multi-tenant building

The Pacific Tower in figures

dedicated app

An all-in-one application to match the services offered

How can you promote the strengths and services of your building in the largest business district in Europe? For the managers of the Pacific Tower, it means creating quality services and spaces: a green rooftop, co-working, a conference centre, a fitness area, a company restaurant, etc. Employees thus have access to key services to make their daily lives more congenial. But they are not always aware of it. In the digital age, the challenge for SOGECAP and AEW is to publicise this offer with an online experience that matches the services offered.

Witco is an all-in-one web and mobile application that provides single access to all communications and services offered to the occupants in a building. With the support of the Witco team, the project sponsors have been able to conceive an application in the colours of the Tower, covering all the services.

To do this, they relied on the platform’s native features, such as incident reporting or reservation management modules, and on the integration of the Witco partners, such as Sodexo, Dalkia and Wellness Training.

Witco support

From the time that the need of the platform was first voiced up to its launching, the Witco teams supported SOGECAP and AEW to ensure that the platform took off in the smoothest way. Through their expertise in occupant experience, they were able to understand the specific needs of tenants and managers of the Tower. On the big day, the Witco team was also present on the spot to demonstrate the application to as many people as possible. The result was that hundreds of employees were reached, as well as many active users within a few hours on the Pacific application.

Witco’s Customer Success team always supports platform managers by analysing statistics on the use of their services and by providing extensive advice on how to make it easy for the community to use.


From that time on, the platform has been used by employees as well as by Tower managers. Whether it is to report an incident, or to consult the menu of the company restaurant, or to reserve a common space, the application of the Pacific Tower by Witco’s opens up the possibility of a superlative occupant experience. And it continues to evolve according to the needs of this smart building!