Student Factory & Witco

Student Factory was created in 2018 by VINCI Construction. As a new concept in student residences, Student Factory wishes to meet the needs of students in a better way, in the face of an offer that has become standardised.

In addition to furnished and functional apartments, all of the equipment and services have been specially designed to facilitate the life and success of residents. Co-working spaces, cafeteria, connected laundry, but also very high speed wifi connection; the residences are in tune with the times.

This is why it was essential for Student Factory to offer students an online portal which would allow them to access all the services of the residence, to communicate with other residents and to benefit from a digital bespoke concierge service.

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Student housing

The Witco solution for ultra-connected residences

Witco is an application (mobile and desktop) for a better occupant experience in buildings. It is customisable, and it adapts to the specific needs of each client and each residence, on the basis of a solid foundation of features. The precise definition of the needs is essential, which is why Witco has a team of experts who support each project from A to Z.

For Student Factory, the white-label Witco application must allow students to be informed of what is happening in their residence, to discuss with other residents and to benefit from a range of services. At the same time, the platform must also facilitate the management of spaces on a daily basis.

In a few days, the Student Factory application integrates:

  • a feed allowing one to see and share the news and events of the student residence;
  • an incident reporting and monitoring module;
  • access to contacts and useful documents in the space;
  • a private messaging system for conversations between students or with space managers;
  • a forum and ads to facilitate interactions between residents;
  • a manager interface with statistics and real-time data on the use of services.

In addition to these features, Witco will also bring together all the services offered in the residences (laundry, reservation of common areas, copying services, concierge, etc.) owing to a highly customisable marketplace, the integration of third-party APIs and payment management in the app.

Why Student Factory chose Witco

Optimal integration

The services of the residence are accessible in one app in the colours of Student Factory.

An advanced management interface

Statistics, service provider contacts, live discussions with residents; everything is accessible to them from the app.

Personalised follow-up

The MonBuilding team is present at every stage to respond to their needs as quickly as possible.


The application created by Witco is now available to students from all residences in France. Several dozen messages, classified ads and events are exchanged there every day, making the platform a must-have for the “Student Factory” experience.

“The Witco solution was integrated seamlessly into the innovation strategy implemented as part of the launch of our new brand of student residences, Student Factory, in 2018. Its lively organisation was quickly able to adapt its platform to meet our expectations, and to connect the various services available in our residences to our tenants. We now have a partnership that fits in to a long-term vision of our development, and which, it is certain, will continue to actively contribute to offering a unique experience to our residents.”

Damien Odin

Marketing Director, VINCI Immobilier Résidences Gérées
Damien Odin photo