Swiss Life Asset Managers & Witco

A major player in the management of real estate assets and funds in Europe, Swiss Life Asset Managers France has chosen Witco to offer a premium occupant experience in its renowned building “104 Richelieu” (Paris 2).

This ambitious real estate restructuring project is entering its marketing phase. The Witco application is already deployed there in order to enhance the range of services available on the site, and to place the occupant at the heart of the building.

Type of property:

 Witco is supporting Swiss Life AM France in this marketing phase

Swiss Life & MonBuilding

In the heart of Paris, the “104 Richelieu” is a project combining a historic setting with contemporary services and amenities. The restructuring of this office building is part of a real variety of uses: a shared garden, a rest room, a creativity room and a co-working space and so on.  This exceptional offer is dedicated to new ways of working and is open to all configurations.

Swiss Life Asset Managers France wanted to deploy the Witco solution as soon as the place is marketed in order to:

  • Promote the range of services available on the site,
  • Place the occupant at the heart of the building.

Opt for the Smart Building to ensure a Premium occupant experience

In addition to the running of its community of occupants and the daily follow-up of incidents, Swiss Life AM France is now offering immersive tours within its building. New premium services are now opening up on the 104 Richelieu site, for occupants and managers:

  • Integration of Technical Building Management (BMS): control of lighting, regulation of ventilation and air conditioning, etc.
  • Demonstration and centralised access to all available services: reservation of rooms, gym, cafeteria, etc.
  • Management of the increase and follow-up of incidents: exchanges with occupants and in-app service providers, statistics, etc.
  • Running of the community of occupants: directory, messaging service, forum, surveys, etc.
  • Real-time monitoring of key indicators: space occupancy rate, level of satisfaction and use of the services offered, etc.

Why Swiss Life AM France has chosen Witco


Establishment of a digital experience of excellence within its building of high standing.


Response to the new needs of occupants through its interface linking the managers with the occupants.


Grouping of all services into one single app: information, marketplace, forum, reservations and so on.


As a key player in the occupant experience in Europe, Witco supports major real estate operators at all stages of their project. “With 5 years of development, our platform can be adapted to different types of building (head offices, multi-tenant buildings, co-working, managed residences, etc.) as well as to projects ranging from marketing to different business operations” stresses Eliane Lugassy, CEO & Founder of Witco. “We are pleased with the confidence shown by Swiss Life Asset Managers France in the marketing of an asset of this quality”.

“With Witco, we want to offer an excellent occupant experience, a building that closely responds to new office uses and occupations, in the “post-covid” world. And by using the platform from today, we allow future tenants to enter a building entirely designed for their well-being”.

Anne-Marie Aurières-Perrin

Director of Asset Management and Real Estate Services, Swiss Life Asset Managers France
Anne-Marie Aurières-Perrin photo