About us

Our ambition is to accompany this evolution because, personally, whether in the office or at home, we were seeking:

  • more transparency in having access to information,
  • more reactivity of the building manager to our requests,
  • more ancillary services (laundry, shoe repairs, babysitters, etc.).

Because we think that one building is never identical to another, we have developed a very flexible platform, adapting itself to both the type of building (like offices, regular residential or student accommodation) but also to the specificities of the building itself.

In particular, our flexibility allows us to integrate external services with modules that we develop ourselves (e.g. building restaurant application, gym, external concierge services etc.) in order to provide the occupants with a wide range of services which can then evolve over time.

The trust which our partners place in us also forces us to be very vigilant about the data that we collect: this data is encrypted and stored on servers located in France and in no case shared with commercial partners.

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The founding team

Eliane Lugassy

Co-Founder & CEO

Eliane has worked in Corporate Finance for 3 years at Rothschild&Co in Paris. She worked on some major M&A transactions among which the sale of the Coeur Défense building.

She is passionate about project management: gathering a team of great people to achieve something awesome is what motivates her to wake up every day.

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Kévin Longer

Co-Founder & CTO

Kevin has evolved in the IT field since he was 5 years old. He helped develop several IT projects (web development & video games) and lately worked for Sanofi Aventis ensuring the security infrastructure of software & web applications.

He is passionate about solving complex technical issues, be it related to IT or mechanics.

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Our story

Since 2016 we have strived to make buildings a better place for everyone.

Why join us?

A cohesive team

We are improving ourselves & our product together: our success are collective!

Customer centricity

Client satisfaction is guiding our development.

Feeling useful

Our mission is to improve quality of life. A pretty hot (and tangible!) matter.