Week’in & Witco

Week’in is a business offering animated office spaces and services as part of the Nexity group. Through the Week‘in services there is a solution to new ways of working and an improvement in the daily lives of users.

To support and promote its offer and recommend to the occupants of its office buildings an enhanced work experience, the Week’in teams have chosen Witco.

12 buildings
Type of property:

An all-in-one application to match the services offered

With this app, one of the objectives was to create a digital experience equal to what the Week’in teams could set up, in physical terms, within workspaces. Accompanied by Witco experts, they were able to visualise applications in line with each building graphic identity and centralizing all the services offered.

To achieve this, Week’in was able to rely on many native features of the platform. In this way, thanks to the “booking” module, managers can easily upload the existing and à la carte services offered in the offices. Visitor reception, market place for services, on-site animation, etc. Everything is now accessible with one click and payable, if applicable, within the application.

The social features of Witco are therefore being used at full capacity; the occupants can easily communicate via the internal messaging, and can directly contact the team in charge of the site.

On the managerial side, relations with employees and the various service providers are now more flexible. Week’in teams have access to a dashboard that centralises incident monitoring, allows easy contact with occupants and learns more about their use of it with the help of the statistics and surveys provided.

Why Week’in chose Witco


Each building can have its own app, in its own colors.


New modules and updates are available every month.


The Witco team is reactive, and advises how to make the best use of the platform.


Every day, the platform is used both by the occupants and by the Week’in teams. Whether it’s a question of reporting an incident, sharing an upcoming event, or booking a service, the Witco applications simplify life in office buildings. And they continue to evolve in step with the needs of its users.

Photo: Sébastien Andréa