Studéa & Witco

Studéa, a brand of the Nexity group, is the leading private specialist in student accommodation. It offers students and young workers looking for mobility a solution adapted to each of these situations: university course, breaks, internships in France or abroad, first job, etc.

Placing innovation at the heart of their concerns, the Studéa teams are committed to developing residences, rethinking spaces and proposing new offers, in line with the uses required by their occupants.

They have chosen Witco to centralise all the services offered to students, to enliven the community of occupants, and to benefit from a platform which facilitates the daily management of the residence.

Type of property:
Student housing

An innovative offer, in line with student expectations

One of the objectives of the Studéa teams was to create an experience that lives up to what students will enjoy on a daily basis, within their residence, but also, more generally, as a user of online services. Accompanied by the Witco project team, the Nexity group was able to design an application in its own colours, including all the services that are offered in accordance with best digital practices.

The Studéa application thus has many features native to the platform: with the “booking” module, students can easily consult (and pay for) the existing and à la carte services offered in their residence. A basket of fruit and vegetables, loan of equipment, crockery kit, or laundry etc. Everything is now accessible with one click and payable within the application.

The “social” brick of Witco is also used at full capacity: students communicate easily thanks to the internal messaging service, share their tips on the forum and do not hesitate to sell their old books or video games through the classified ads.

Plateforme pour résidences étudiantes
Application résidences étudiantes

A platform for optimal daily management

On the managerial side, Witco allows you to be informed, in real time, of any activity within the residence: incidents, use of infrastructures, request for services, occupant satisfaction, etc. Managers can use a dashboard that centralises the information available and allows them to make the best decisions, as easily as possible.

Witco is also the favourite platform for communication between students. News feed, surveys, forum, private messaging, and so on. The managers of Studéa residences now have a variety of tools available to interact with occupants and create a real community over time.

On a daily basis, Witco can thus position itself as the platform that upgrades the management of the residence, while also guaranteeing a maximum level of student satisfaction.

Why Studéa chose Witco

White label

Studéa can use an app in its own colours.

Manager interface

The centralisation of data, contacts and info all makes way for better management of the residences.

Support & Customer Success

The Witco team has a ready ear in view of developing usage and improving the app.


Today, the occupants of nearly 90 Studéa in France have access to an application dedicated to their residence. Reporting of incidents, events, direct exchanges with the site manager and forum; thousands of interactions have already been recorded on these platforms. And with new features brought out regularly, the Studéa app by Witco continues to evolve in line with user needs.

“In order to meet the needs of its customers and make their daily lives easier, Nexity Studéa has decided to deploy a mobile app in partnership with Witco. From the start, the Witco team showed great agility, and perfectly understood the challenges facing Nexity Studéa. Our customers and employees now have a reliable, comprehensive and intuitive tool, which allows them to discuss and access our entire range of services. The app also promotes the creation of communities in residences. A Real Success!”

Manon Godard

Community Manager, Nexity Studéa
Manon Godard photo