Le Connecteur & Witco

Le Connecteur, a tertiary building designed by Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne in the Basque country, will open its doors in September 2021 in the very heart of Biarritz. To become a regional hub, it will offer workspaces and co-working spaces, with training and event venues, and will host the Village by CA accelerator.

Witco, the web and mobile application, that improves the well-being of occupants and facilitates the daily management of work and living spaces, will be available as soon as Le Connecteur opens.

Type of property:

Creating an inspiring dynamic is the challenge that Le Connecteur will take up

Le Connecteur will be a unique, open and inspiring place, in which everyone can work as they wish, with the most innovative high-tech tools available; a business and link accelerator for a community of business creators and value creators; a generator of ideas and of dynamism for the residents and for all the visitors.


Creating this dynamic depends above all on the good management of the space. Witco, a flexible and secure application, allows site managers to access data on the use and satisfaction of the services provided. Having anticipated this need, Le Connecteur, on opening, will therefore be able to:


  • monitor its key indicators in real time (space occupancy rate, level of satisfaction and use of the services offered, etc.) for an optimal experience,
  • motivate interactions between all co-workers and participants within the space to create healthy competition,
  • manage arrivals, reservations, contracts and invoicing on a single interface for top quality management.

Why Le Connecteur has chosen Witco:

It is the leader of the occupant experience in Europe, and is a partner in many flexible spaces. Witco integrates each of the functionalities needed for the management and the running of a co-working environment. As a highly customisable SaaS solution, this platform makes it possible to create a unique experience which is specific to each place, while optimising day-to-day management.

With the Witco application, Le Connecteur will thus be able to offer all residents easy access to numerous services and better manage the place, bu using:

Better information flow

including general information, events in the workspace, reporting and monitoring of incidents, useful documents and emergency contacts

The creation of a community between co-workers

a directory, a messaging service, and a forum for surveys and classifieds

Centralised access to all available services

reservation of meeting rooms, printing, concierge, gym, online rental payment, etc.


The Witco solution will be available when Le Connecteur opens in September 2021. This collaboration places Witco as a key player in the co-working market and already shows Le Connecteur’s commitment to a top class occupant experience.

“With Witco, Le Connecteur confirms its ambition to position itself as a highly technological and community kind of workplace”

Gilles Sixou

Managing Director, Le Connecteur
Gilles Sixou photo